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About tour guide Tomas

My name is Tomáš Tupý. I was born in Prague at 1959.Since I am still living in Prague.

1977 I started in the free time to do as a hobby in Pioneer organization of the Socialist Youth Union with goal to show and learn children 10-15 years old about culture and history of Prague and the country,doing excursions of the most connected part of czech history,esp. castles (Prague castle,Křivoklát castle,Konopiště castle,Karlštejn castle),but also some castles in Germany, then memorials like Terezín – former concentration camp and so on.

After 20 years practice that (at 1987) I become to be a member of Club for old Prague,(Klub za starou Prahu)

which is an assotiation learning people to understand the importance of historical town Prague with goal to preserved this cultural and historical inheritance doing a lot of special conferences and other activities concerning Prague,history architecture etc.,which I participated and what attracted me so much that I decided to work as a proffesional tourist guide for adults.First I had to do a short exam in office of PIS (Prague information service) at 1988 which allowed to me to start a study in a special course for tour guides with goal to achieved a licence.

After Velvet revolution 1989 I decided for political reason to leave the elementary school,where I worked.We divided in school in two groupes: one,bigger,there were mebres of Communist party.I have been in the second,smaller group,participating to demonstrations during Velvet revolution.Which was very exiting, for example after one of demonstrations I participated a meeting in a house at the bottom of Wenceslas square, where was donated to Václav Klaus a large bouquet of flowers as acknowledgment for his great participation to the mouvement (V.Klaus was later working as Minister of Finance and then as President of Czech country).Or in theatre Semafor I had opportunity to listen a speach of Mr.Miloš Zeman, equally supporting the Velvet revolution (now,2016,prezident of Czech republic .One day we decided to go from Wenceslas square to the castle of Prague,seat of president of country,but in the end of Mánes bridge we were stopped by Police,who even closed the metro station in the area, trains passed through station without stopping.As we were stopped on the bridge,we were also filmed by police,which may be dangerous,because there were a lot of cases in czech history,that people being in opposition against Communist regime were investigated and risked sentence.

I was not alone, who left work in school – all the small group i mention before,left.We overeacted in this situation,being influenced by media, where like avalanche came at this time des informations about crimes commited by communist.There even several times the communist were estimated by media as a big danger for society.

The overeaction it means was a premature decision to not more collaborate with membres of Communist at all.

Of course,now I am aware,that among communist there was a big number of very greate persons (not only Communist torturing innocent people, which vas a temporary impression given by medias) – and since I do not interrest to much about politics.

I have to note,that even some membres of OF overeacted (probably influenced by this impression) and prepared some plan to band the Communist party .The plan several weeks later was abandont.

Tourist often has not knowledge ,what OF means.Let me to explain using some photographs.For example if You look on the right side of my head on the photo,You can see on the wal of elementary school drawing „OF“ inside of a heart:

What it means the „OF“: it was the Civic Forum (Czech: Občanské fórum, OF), a political movement, established during the Velvet Revolution in 1989. The Civic Forum’s purpose was to unify the dissident forces in Czechoslovakia and to overthrow the Communist regime.

Why I am speaking about: its is just a symbolic expression not only of my political opinion at the time, but especially all of the atmosphere, social climat at the time: this heart with „OF“ could be seen on many of places everywhere beside of thousands of peaces of papers stick in wagons of metro trains,arround statue of Wenceslav on main square of Prague etc. containing expressions and explanations related often with „OF“.

The next two photograps (I am there on the right side) are symbolic for my next work,when I worked regulery as a tour guide for universities and high schools from several countries:

So,shortly after Velvet revolution I left the elementary school and few years later,at 1996 I became to be a member of Union of Prague tour guides, now called The Czech Tourist Guide Association and until nowadays (2016) I am still working as a tourist guide for groups or individuals in Prague: